Our holiday in Cambodia and Thailand

A guest travel article from Sylvia Kenny

Our holiday in Cambodia and Thailand

We had a brilliant time in Cambodia and Thailand.  We flew into Phnom Penh on the same afternoon as Barack Obama, who was attending the ASEAN conference.  Air Force One was on the tarmac when we arrived. 

We went on a cycling tour from Phnom Penh which included island hopping the islands of the Mekong.  We also made some very sobering visits to S21 (the genocide museum) and the Killing Fields.  Difficult to believe it was all happening in the 70’s.  Cambodia cycling

We travelled overland to Siem Reap and went on a cycling tour of Angkor Wat and the main temples.  Our guide enjoyed off road cycling so it was quite an adventure and we avoided the main tourist trails.  We enjoyed ourselves so much we went back the following day to visit some of the more remote temples. 

We travelled overland from Siem Reap back over the border into Southern Thailand.  We read lots of blogs about crossing the border at Poipet.  All of them said it would be a nightmare and it was!!  Hours of queueing and chaos in 35 degree heat.  Once in Thailand we took a ferry to the island of Koh Chang.  We stayed in a very quiet part of the island, on the beach, and spent our time swimming, kayaking, reading and relaxing.  A perfect antidote to the noise and frenetic pace of life in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. 

Thailand sunset

 When we returned to Bangkok our friends took us to some of the wonderful golf courses.  My first experience of playing golf overseas.  By law you have to have a caddy (designed to create employment).  I felt like Lee Westwood, striding down the fairways with the caddy carrying my golf clubs, telling me how far I was from the green for each shot, discussing club selection, giving me advice on the greens etc. 

An amazing experience.





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