Over 55’s want to dance on tabletops on holiday!

New research has revealed that the over 55 age group don’t just want holidays on the beach or holidays to cultural destinations. Instead, it seems that the over 55’s are heading to the party destinations like Ibiza and Faliraki. Even a holiday to the party capital of South America, Rio de Janeiro is high up on the wish lists of the over 55’s.

With plenty of disposable income and fewer ties, once the children have left home, the research suggests this age group is wanting a bit of the action by travelling to adventurous holiday destinations. The Global Holidays website has a section about adventure holidays and they are increasingly seeing interest in these holidays from the over 55’s. Holidaymakers in this age group are also increasingly thinking about sustainable holidays and travelling to places to see wildlife in exotic places such as Costa Rica.

But it is the over 55 fun seekers that was a bit of a suprise especially as the research found that 10% said they had danced on a tabletop, 14% had been stopped by the police on holiday and 15% admitted to a holiday romance. 33% of over 55’s said they wanted an adventure holiday.

It seems that the more mature party animal might be having a better time than the younger generation!





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