Passenger Stranded By Ryanair Writes A Book !

Airport check-inFollowing the complaint made to Virgin Holidays by a customer who was not happy with the food served onboard comes news of  another complaint made to the no frills airline Ryanair. This time the customer has written a book about the severe delays he experienced at Malaga airport in Spain and about the poor way he was treated.

Low fares are fine but not many people realise that no frills airlines provide little or no help if a flight is cancelled. You are basically left to fend for yourself. You will not be put up free of charge in a hotel or offered any food if there is a delay. No frills means just that.In the case of the Ryanair flight there was a delay of 10 hours whilst an engineer was flown out from Dublin to repair the aircraft. Why was it that a local engineer could not be used ? The passengers were also complaining about the lack of information given to them at the airport and that there were no Ryanair staff around to help the passengers.

It’s the same old story though. You get what you pay for ! If you pay next to nothing for a cheap flight you cannot expect silver service when things go wrong. That is why, in our opinion, the cheapest is not always the best. Hidden charges for baggage and credit card charges blight the no frills airline industry. These airline rely on attracting business using low lead in fares. You will normally find that the full cost is a lot more than you anticipated.

This is why using a travel agent makes sense. A good travel agent will use the latest technology to find you the lowest airfare. They will check no frills, charter flights and scheduled flights for you and present you with the options so you can decide which is best for you.The customer stranded at Malaga airport by Ryanair has written a book entitled Ruinair !

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