Rocky Mountaineer Railtours Provides Unexpected Challenge

While offering some of the most breathtaking views found in all of British Columbia and Alberta, a trip onboard the Rocky Mountaineer promises spectacular holiday memories that will last a lifetime.  But the popular Rocky Mountaineer trip also comes with something quite unexpected for most passengers during the 2012 season – the chance to cross a picket line.

 The initial disagreement between employees and Rocky Mountaineer Railtours (RMR) occurred on June 22, 2011, when RMR locked out more than 100 train attendants due to unsuccessful contract negotiations.  RMR has chosen not to provide this information upfront to their passengers resulting in a very surprising shock when union-supporting holidaymakers arrive at the Cottrell Street terminal in Vancouver.

 While the ‘Rocky Mountaineer Train’ continues to receive top-notch reviews on TripAdvisor, it doesn’t diminish the act of crossing a union picket line for many unsuspecting visitors.  RMR has adopted somewhat of a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy when it comes to it’s passengers during this strike period – there is no noticeable mention or warning about the current strike situation on their website.

 RMR spokeperson, Ian Roberston, has advised that holidaymakers choosing not to cross the picket line will have their payment credited to another departure during the 2012 or 2013 season.  Robertson went on to say that passengers choosing to travel during the strike “can be assured that they will receive the same, if not better service, than they received in the past.”

 If you’re scheduled on a Rocky Mountaineer Railtour this summer and don’t want to face crossing a picket line, start the rescheduling process as soon as possible by contacting your travel agent or RMR directly at their toll-free telephone number available from the U.K., 00-800-0606-7372.

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Rocky Mountaineer Update – 24 September 2012

The strike has been called off on 10 September 2012.





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  1. Jerry avatar

    Ian Robertson can say all he wants about there being better service, but it’s not the truth (just like him saying it’s a strike, it’s a lock-out, the company did this not the employees). Sure some people will enjoy their service, but they have nothing to compare it to. I’m just not buying that an individual with a few months experience will be able to provide the same level of service as someone who has worked for the train for at least 6 years. What this company is doing is unethical to both the locked out employees and their unsuspecting, high-paying guests.

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