Take a short break in Venice

Valentine’s Day may be a while off yet but impatient lovers who can’t wait to get away for a short break will find no better hide-out than the charming waterways and cobbled streets of Venice. So, why take a short break in Venice?

Many famous couples take a short break in the historic city of Venice. Elton John and David Furnish  took a honeymoon break in the beautiful floating city and they visited the amazing Saint Mark’s Square.

Other celebs who have escaped the media’s glare in Venice’s soothing canals include Nicole Kidman, Helen Hunt and Woody Allen.

It only takes visitors a few seconds wandering down the mysterious back streets of Venice to fall in love with its delicate charm. From the strikingly beautiful central sights of the Piazza San Marco to the hushed ristorantes of its mazy old alleys, the city will pluck at your heartstrings for every waking moment.

Music may be the food of love but seafood is a damn fine alternative, and Venice boasts a huge variety of juicy dishes as you’d expect from a city surrounded by waters. Squid, cuttlefish and octopus are cooked in simple but tasty herbs and spices to indulge the most demanding palette.

And then when you’re woozy with food and romance, step out and sip fine wines in the rustic Al Bottegon cellar or wheel to the jazz of Al Vapore’s bar.

Taking a short break in Venice in the summer months is great for the weather but the city can become thronged with sightseers and tourists, but if you want the city to yourself then the best time to visit is between October and April when the weather is cool and their are less crowds. Watch out though for the Venice floods. The city has a history of flooding in Winter and you may need to take your wellies.

When I  last took a short break in Venice it was hot and sunny and full of people but most tend to be day trippers and the city is quieter in the evenings. The first time I visited Venice I was worried that I was going to get lost because the streets are narrow and some parts of the city are like a maze. Getting lost though is just part of the fun and you will never be too far from a canal to help you navigate with the help of a good map.

Whilst on your short break in Venice, make sure you catch the water bus to Burano with its beautiful coloured houses and, of course, Murano, famous for Venetian glass.

I took these photos on a recent visit to Venice.

Water bus on the Grand Canal in Venice.
Water taxi on the Grand Canal in Venice
The busy sea front in Venice
Gondola station in Venice
Grand Canal, Venice
Colourful properties on a canal in Venice

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