Skyfall Movie Review

I’m pretty sure that I have seen every James Bond movie and that includes the lastest Bond movie Skyfall that I saw yesterday.

There has been a lot of hype about this movie and it has had a good reception from critics. Overall, I thought that it was a great movie but it has its flaws.

The opening scene finds 007 in Istanbul trying to find a missing computer hard drive, with the names of all British agents on it. After a car and motorbike chase through Istanbul and over roof tops Bond finds himself on top of a train fighting the villain. This sequence is fantastic and the way it is filmed takes your breath away.

The lost hard drive then seems to take a back seat in the films plot as the main villain appears and he only has one thing in mind and that is to kill “M”. Gone are the days when the bad guy in a Bond movie wants to take over the world. Also gone are the Bond gadgets like exploding pens. This Bond movie is tough guy Bond taking on a fanatical computer hacker.

Daniel Craig is a great Bond but he is now showing a few wrinkles and droopy eyelids but he is in my opinion the toughest Bond there has ever been.

After a bit of a lull in the action the final sequence sees Bond and M in a shoot out in a remote Scottish house. Why Bond decided he would take on the bad guy, his gun weilding thugs as well as an attack helicopter with only a small handgun is beyond me.

The other bit of action that I thought was over the top was a tube train that crashes through a hole in a tunnel !

All said, this is a movie that will keep you gripped from start to finish and is one of those movies that you will say to yourself “I will see again”.





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