Snakes Miss The Plane In Australia

snake on a planeAustralia is a wonderful country and we can highly recommend a visit.

The border controls relating to customs and immigration though are very strict. For example, you are not allowed to take any food into the country and that is one of many restrictions. The Australia customs service can be seen on TV as they are the subject of a fascinating fly on the wall documentary TV show.

Now it seems Customs and Border Protection in Australia has continued its crackdown on wildlife smuggling by arresting a 24-year-old Sydney man for allegedly attempting to smuggle 44 native reptiles out of Australia through Sydney International Airport.

Included in the seizure was one Albino Carpet Python, an extremely endangered species with numbers estimated to be as low as 100, and worth approximately $20,000.

The reptiles were detected in the man’s checked bags during x-ray screening of outgoing passenger luggage by airport security staff after the man checked in for a flight to Bangkok on Friday.Customs and Border Protection officers attended and opened the man’s bags and found a number of live reptiles concealed in socks and cloth bags.

The bags were unpacked and allegedly found to contain 24 Shingleback Lizards, 16 Bluetongue Lizards and four snakes.  The snakes have been identified as three Black Headed Pythons and one Albino Carpet Python, both endangered species.Customs and Border Protection investigators responded and removed the man from the aircraft and subsequently arrested and charged him with attempting to export native species without a permit.

The reptiles in the smuggling attempt are estimated to be worth between $160,000 and $200,000 on the black market.  The reptiles have been transferred to Sydney Wildlife World where they have undergone health checks and are being cared for. This sounds like it could have been a real life “Snakes on a Plane” story, but luckily the snakes were detected before they reached the aircraft. This should not put you off visiting Australia. The 22 hour flight to Sydney is well worth it and the country provides a top quality holiday destination. 

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