Sneaky Ways to Holiday like a VIP!

Wanna travel like the rich and famous but don’t have the cash? Don’t fret, here are some ways you can holiday and feel a little bit special.

We sent our intrepid TV Presenter Becky Hayes to the airport to put our theories to the test!

At the airport

Lounge it up – If you fancy a plush departure lounge with free booze and snacks then you don’t have to spend the earth or be travelling Club Class. You can book them for as little as £13 and it’s a relaxing start to your holiday. Visit Holiday Extras . Most of them also have Sky TV and free internet access.

Pretend to be staff – At check in you can tell the check in person that you managed to get a staff standby ticket (a standard class one) and that you work for that particular airline. They could check your story but it will delay boarding so most just upgrade you!

Get the best seats on the plane – If you want to get seats with extra legroom or be in a quieter end of the plane to be able to get some shut eye then it’s worth visiting Seat . It shows you the best seats for whatever you are after on your flight and how you can get VIP Service.

 At your hotel 

Check In – If you are looking for an upgrade, then the best time to check in is in the early evening. By this time staff will have more of an idea of how many nicer rooms/suites they have available. You could also email the hotel direct before you go to ensure a nice room and mention that it’s a special occasion i.e. anniversary, birthday, etc.

Book lunch at a Posh Hotel – If you’re hotel isn’t quite hitting the mark, book lunch at a nicer hotel nearby and often you will be able to use the hotels facilities. So take your bikini as you can sleep off lunch at their luxury pool!

Travel out of season – There are some great deals to be had if you travel out of peak season. You can stay in 5* hotels for half the price. For example if you travel to Dubai between May-September you can stay at The Atlantis on The Palm for £970pp. Similarly at Al Qasr on Jumeirah Beach you can stay for a week for £950pp with free half board thrown in. Normally both of these hotels in peak season would be around the £3000pp mark for a week with just B&B. Quite a difference!

 When you return

Flattery gets you everywhere – If you are planning to return to the same hotel then make sure you email/write a letter of thanks to the General Manager. People remember this and the chances are you’ll be very well looked after on your next visit with most getting an upgrade and a bottle of wine.

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4 responses to “Sneaky Ways to Holiday like a VIP!”

  1. Cat Hanson avatar
    Cat Hanson

    Do you really think that pretending to be staff at check in would work – if you have any type of standby it will show in a code on the ticket and the flight reference and you could be asked for a staff ID.

  2. Dee avatar

    Great post generally, but you’re not seriously encouraging people to lie like that?! (to say they are staff at an airline)

  3. DavidB avatar

    We know of people who have said they are airline staff and been upgraded. Another way to be upgraded is to ask politely and look prefessional. We have had customers where this has also worked. Also, if you are genuinely involved in the travel industry and you can prove it we know that occassionly works too.

  4. DavidB avatar

    It’s good to see that Travel Weekly featured this article in their magazine on 30 June 2011.

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