Snow Chaos at Airports – Your Rights for a Refund

The bad weather we have been having has caused chaos with fights having to be cancelled or flights delayed. Last week, we had customers flying to Barbados from Leeds/Bradford airport with a connecting flight from London Gatwick. Like the rest of the UK Leeds/Bradford was badly affected by snow and their flight to Gatwick was cancelled. This meant that our customers missed their connecting flight from Gatwick to Barbados.

This is where a good travel agent comes in useful, as we immediately contacted the tour operator and re-arranged the Barbados holiday for them on a different date.When bad weather strikes there is a big advantage of having booked a package holiday through a travel agent as you have  ATOL protection that gives you financial security and also your travel agent will take take all the stress out of the situation for you by sorting out replacement flights or by moving your holiday to different dates.

If you have booked holiday accommodation seperately then you could find yourself with a big problem of not being able to change the booking. A booking made through a tour operator or travel agent will normally mean that you will either get a full refund or be able to move the holiday to a different date.

Flight Only Snow Cancellations

Flights have been disrupted by snow at many UK airports causing severe problems for many travellers. Airlines have an obligation to get you to your destination but in reality, they will either try to put you on the next flight if seats are available or give you a full refund. This may mean that your hotel accommodation that you have booked may not be used because you were unable to reach your destination. In these circumstances, you may well suffer a financial loss that the airlines will not be responsible for.

Travel Insurance covers bad weather too

Most good travel insurance policies will protect you if you have been unable to reach the airport due to bad weather or a road accident, so it is vital that you take out travel insurance as soon as you have booked your holiday or flight. This would mean that you could possibly make a travel insurance claim for a missed departure.

Flight Delays Due to Bad Weather

If a flight is delayed, there are strict European rules in place, which mean that the airline is obliged to supply meals and refreshments, along with accommodation if an overnight stay is required. However, it depends on the length of your flight.For flights of 1,500km or less where there is a delay of more than two hours, a passenger should be given meals and refreshments, along with two free telephone calls, e-mails, telexes or faxes.If the delay is for five hours or more, passengers are also entitled to a refund of their ticket with a free flight back to their initial point of departure if this is relevant.

It goes without saying that you should always leave for the airport in plenty of time, especially in bad weather. It is often a good idea to spend the night before your flight departure date in an airport hotel so that you can be sure of arriving on time at the airport.

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