Social Media is Becoming Main Way of Communicating

The way things are going we will not have to talk to each soon ! TV and computer games almost killed the art of speaking to each other and now with the likes of Facebook, mobile phone text messages, blogs and now Twitter it seems likely that we will lose our ability to use language ! Of course, now that we are all communicating in writing we will all have to improve our spelling or make sure we use a spell checker. It appears that some important people are not aware that spell checkers exist though.

The education minister, the Cambridge University educated Jim Knight, has his own blog and it seems that even those charged with improving school standards have difficulty with spelling after several basic spelling mistakes were found on his blog.

Blunders include spelling “received” and “archaeological” wrongly he also writes “maintenance” as “maintainence”, uses “acheiving” for “achieving” and has “pernsioners” instead of “pensioners”.
After he was told about the errors he wrote “In the future, I ‘must do better’ and always check my work.” … and you can bet his latest entry was spell checked before he posted it !
Whilst it is a well known fact that a form of slang is used in text messages you would normally expect blogs of government ministers to have perfect spelling. I know how easy it is to forget to do a spell check but my blog is not exactly at a government level !

Whilst I think that all the new social media ways of communicating are a good idea, it seems that some people take it a little too far. Dumping a partner by text message is fairly common but today I have read that a husband informed his wife on Facebook that he was no longer married and wanted a divorce.

So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t got a Facebook page or a Twitter account you had better get one quick !

I did remember to do a spell check on this blog post, so if you do find any errors its the fault of the spell checker !





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