Spend a day in Nicosia – Capital of Cyprus

Niicosia is one the world’s oldest cities and is the capital of Cyprus. Nocosia shouldn’t be ignored or bypassed if you are on holiday in Cyprus as you will miss out on a beautiful gem of a city. Most visitors to Cyprus head for the coast and the beaches but if you make the journey to Nicosia, which lies in the centre of the island, you will not be disappointed and you will be rewarded with more than 1,000 years of history, authentic Cypriot cuisine and lively nightlife.Nicosia - view of the Turkish part of the city from a tower

The old town of Nicosia lies within massive 16th-century Venetian walls and is home to important museums, Byzantine churches, medieval and neoclassical buildings.

Nicosia is known as Lefkosia to Greek speakers and it is famous for being the world’s last divided capital, with the infamous green line splitting the city in two. The northern part of Nicosia is Turkish and the southern part is Greek.


Things to see in Nocosia

Stroll the maze of narrow streets towards the city walls. The city walls are three and a half miles long and topped by 11 towers. Famagusta, once the main gate to the city, is worth seeing. If you are in Nicosia on a Monday, Thursday or Friday you can join one of the free guided walking and bus tours which starts from the Cyprus Tourism Office in the Old Town.

It is well worth taking the lift to the 11th floor of the Ledra Museum for fantastic panoramic views of the city. There is an entrance fee of 75p. For lunch you should head for the Laiki Yitonia district which is part of the Old Town pedestrian area. Many building here have been restored and this is a popular area for visitors where you can also try a selection of Meze or a slice of cheese pie.

Lunch in Nicosia will cost you about £15 a head which includes wine.If you walk towards the north of Nicosia city centre you will get to the Green Line. This is the divide that has been in existence since 1974. Crossings to the north by car or on foot take place at Ledra Palace.Nicosia is certainly worth a visit for a day when you are on holiday in Cyprus.

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