Thomas Cook Airlines Call Centre is a joke!

Thomas Cook Airlines call centre is a joke!

We need to speak to someone at Thomas Cook about a medical request for a customer and we have been trying for several days to get through. Every time we call we spend several minutes pressing numbers to get through to the correct department only to be told that Thomas Cook are experiencing a high volume of calls and to call back later.

We called back later. In fact we called them many times over several days and got the same message.

So, we decided to call Thomas Cook as early as possible to try and be first in the queue, if there was one! We called at 08.30am and again pressed several numbers for the department we wanted. Again we were told that Thomas Cook is experiencing high call volumes. Eventually, when we got to the department we wanted a recorded voice said “sorry our office is closed and open at 09.00am”.

Thomas Cook needs to sort this out. How can they be experiencing a high volume of calls when they are closed!

Come on Thomas Cook…you can do better surely !