Taking a Holiday Can be Life Changing – It’s Official !

Over half of all life changing decisions are made on holiday and put into action once home

Kuoni, the luxury travel operator, has published a report on what really happens in the hearts and minds of the British public when on holiday.  The report shows over 50% of all life changing decisions are put into action following a decision made on a holiday, proving that holidays can change your life.

Says Joanna Edmunds, Managing Director, Kuoni UK: “Kuoni has been at the forefront of producing travel trend reports for decades.  This year we wanted to better understand the emotional journey of holiday-makers and we examined the role of holidays in this new context.  We looked at the personal discussions and decisions that take place on holidays and how these shape peoples future. The results are exciting.  They prove that holidays are more than a break from the daily routine: they can be truly life changing.”The lifestyle report has been examined by leading psychotherapist and health writer, Christine Webber

Commenting on the findings Christine says: “This report shows that having a holiday is not just about sun and leisure and visiting new and exotic locations. It demonstrates that we use the vacation to great effect in order to plan improvements in our day-to-day lives.Many people feel that they just don’t have the time in their normal busy and pressurised schedules to reappraise their lifestyles, or to talk to their partner about relationship issues that worry them. Once away from the daily grind, such individuals often feel that they are able to get a more healthy perspective on their lives, and they can then set about planning to change those aspects of them that they’re not happy with.” 

Report highlights

The 24-page report reveals that the hottest topics to talk about while on holiday are work/life balance (41%) and getting fitter/healthier (39%).  Interestingly the more one earns the more these percentages rise: 70% and 58% respectively.36% talk about their love life with 34% actually deciding to take action and spice it up when they get home!  It seems the younger generations talk about this subject even more at 57%.  74% of Brits surveyed said a romantic getaway can make or break their relationships. This is especially true when it comes to women with over a quarter believing that a holiday might help them re-ignite the flames of love and over a third said a break helped them get re-acquainted with their partner.70% of people surveyed said their primary reason for a holiday was to escape from work and again, this figure rises to 80% for higher earners. 

And 72% of Brits agreed that it was “even more important to have a holiday during a recession”Questioned more closely as to why they thought a break from normality was the best time for serious discussions the majority quoted the hectic nature of homelife: “We are so exhausted when we get home”; “juggling family life leaves little time to discuss matters”; “we are too mentally jaded for any serious discussion.”Bosses should also be prepared in case their employees come back with more than just a tan.

The report found that 28% of people returning from a break actually decide to take action on changing their job.Europe was the key destination for these life-changing holidays for both men and women (33%), with Australia coming a close second for men (32%). 

 The Caribbean/Mexico holding sway for 20-24 year olds at 40% and a respectable 45% for people considering marriage.Anticipation was the key driver for booking a holiday early at 52%, and once on a holiday 32% of men have to check out the news and sport compared to only 15% of women.

Future financial planning saw 39% wishing to save for home renovations and retirement (39% for both) while saving for the next holiday came in second at 30%.Kuoni, founded in 1906, is one of the world’s leading tour operators.  It is ABTA and ATOL protected, giving customers’ financial protection and ensuring they won’t be stranded abroad.

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