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Thinking of visiting Tallinn in Estonia? Read our travel blog guide about this up and coming city break holiday destination.

Tallinn mixes ‘old’ and ‘new’ Europe like no other city on the continent. 

Whilst the aura of the 14th and 15th centuries survive intact in Tallin’s Old Town, the rest of this up-and-coming Baltic city is so modernised it’s been dubbed ‘a suburb of Helsinki’.

Indeed, the city appears to delight in its historical charm and citizen pride whilst determinedly moving forward in technology, economy, and politics.

Tallinn’s historic structures, including the 13th century Toompea Castle, have been preserved, despite the city’s numerous occupations and seizures, making it a delight for tourists.

Town Hall Square, the centre of Lower Town, provides a landmark to orient visitors in the city, and Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, a Russian Orthodox church built in the early 20th century, makes a dramatic statement on the Toompea skyline. 

As for more insalubrious activities, in July each year the city plays host to the largest beer festival in the Baltic region. ‘Ollesummer’ draws thousands of enthusiastic beer drinkers to the Tallin Song Festival Grounds.

For five days the crowds can enjoy around 100 different types of beer, including all the Estonian varieties and some other European brews. 

Meanwhile, Raekoja Plats (Town Hall Square) in the Old Town, is the hub of Tallinn’s dining and cafe scene in the summer. 

The entire length and breadth of Raekoja Plats buzzes with temporary open-air cafes and bars, all of which sell light snacks, hotdogs, traditional kotlett and lots of Saku beer.

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Getting to Tallinn

Easyjet has direct flights to Tallinn from Liverpool, Stansted and London Gatwick. KLM has an indirect service via Amsterdam.







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