The Channel Islands Stop Health Cover For Tourists.

Gorey Castle, Jersey, Channel IslandsIf you are travelling to the Chanel Islands you could be left without medical aid in the event of illness or accident after the government ended the reciprocal health agreement between the Channel Islands and the UK.The Channel Islands include Jersey, Guernsey, Aldernay, Sark and Herm and from 1 April you must ensure that you have adequate travel insurance in order to safeguard yourselves from large bills for any medical treatment that you made need whilst you are visiting the Channel Islands.

The Channel Islands are a very popular tourist destination. Last year more than half a million people visited the islands.

The islands, which are Crown Dependencies of the UK, are outside the EU and are therefore not covered by the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which covers the holder for medical treatment within the European Economic Area (EEA).The cost of travel insurance is so cheap that it makes sense to have either a single trip insurance cover or even an annual travel insurance policy if you go away from home more than twice a year.

On the Global Holidays website one week travel insurance cover for the UK and Channel Islands costs only £8.50 for someone aged under 65. One week travel insurance for Europe costs only £10.72 and an annual travel insurance policy only costs £35.62.

As a general rule, anybody travelling away from home is advised to take out travel insurance but at the very least you need to make sure that you have a valid EHIC for visits to countries within the EU.  Department of Health figures have revealed that three million cards are now out of date, so make sure that you check the expiry date on your card. If you don’t have a valid EHIC or adequate travel insurance you are putting yourself at risk should you have an accident or become ill whilst on holiday.

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3 responses to “The Channel Islands Stop Health Cover For Tourists.”

  1. Neil Stead avatar
    Neil Stead

    But does your insurance cover me if I stay with family in Jersey?I’ve discovered that my existing policy only covers me if I have at least 2 nights pre-booked accommodation, so I’m now in the situation where if I fall ill while I’m staying with family over there, I am not covered.

    1. admin avatar

      Hi Neil. A travel insurance policy will normally cover you regardless of where you are staying. It’s always a good idea to look at the small print of any insurance policy before taking it out. Also, the cheapest policy may not always be best for your own specific requirements. We don’t sell our own insurance here at Global Holidays but we do have a link to a travel insurance policy through Rock Insurance. If you want to look at a summary of cover you can view it here

  2. Neil Stead avatar
    Neil Stead

    @adminNot true. The Rock Insurance policy, for example, states on Page 4, under the definition of “Trip”: Note 6: For Residents of the European Union, Trips soley within their Home country are on insured if You have prebooked at least two consecutive nights paid accommodation”Country” in this case almost certainly means “UK Area”, as defined on the same page, and which includes the Channel Islands. So far (and I’ve been searching for over 2 weeks now), I haven’t found a single Insurance company that will cover me for Medical expenses while visiting the Channel Islands, unless I have pre-booked accommodation.I would love for someone from an Insurance Underwriter to explain why I should need 2 nights accommodation to be covered in Jersey, but not to be covered in (for example) Malta or Gibraltar, both of which have similar legal status with regard to the UK.

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