The Day a General Election was Called.

Today Gordon Brown, leader of the Labour Party called a General Election. After 13 years of Labour government has the time come for a new party to lead us all to prosperity ? The next 4 weeks is going to the most boring in terms of media coverage and I am inclined to not watch any of it on TV or read very little. That’s because I already know who I will be voting for and as all the political parties start squabbling about who is best for the country the next four weeks may well be a political turnoff for most people.

All I know is that Labour has not done a good job but the question is will the other parties be able to do any better ? Burdoned with massive debts the next few years are going to be difficult for us all and whichever party gains power they will have to make unpopular decisions. politicians also need to show us all that they are in it because they want to do the best for the UK rather than in it for themselves.

Many major issues need tackling by the next government.

1. There are too many people in this country so there needs to be limits because the infrastructure is not sufficient.

2. End the benefits culture and get people back to work.

3. Treat criminals as criminals and don’t put them up in hotels that are called jails where they have an easy life. A jail sentence in jail should be harsh to prevent the chances of re-offending.

4. Clamp down hard on anti-social behaviour and parents who do not control their children.

5. Spend only what we can afford as a country.

6. Force banks to lend money to businesses that are wanting to create jobs.

7. Encourage a culture that hard work will lead to success.

8. Cut taxes on everything. If we have money we will spend it and this will create jobs.

9. Spend more money on roads and trains to get the country moving more efficiently so that we spend longer at work rather than travelling.

10. Encourage enterprise so that the UK becomes bigger and better as a producer of quality goods and services.

This election looks like it’s going to be a dirty fight as Labour seem to want to doing anything to hang onto power. All the parties will eventually promise things that they know they can’t deliver but one thing is for sure…I can’t wait until 7 May when it will be all over !





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