The Recession Causes A Drop In Shark Attacks !

Caribbean Reef SharkThe worldwide economic recession is obviously not good news.

Spending is being cut back on non essential things. Most people would agree though that a holiday is one of the last things to be cut out of the household budget. Nevertheless, demand for holidays is lower than normal, which is not good news for anybody, as having a holiday really is the best medicine for stress and depressing times !

Some good news though, which is due to the recession has just been released by a researcher at the University of Florida. The number of shark attacks is down compared to previous years !  Shark attacks worldwide in 2008 dipped to their lowest level in 5 years. This is thought to be due to the economic recession and the theory that fewer people are taking holidays.For the record, the number of shark attacks in 2007 was 71 and the number in 2008 was down to 59.

Two-thirds of the shark attacks normally take place in the USA with the state of Florida having the most incidents, with surfers being the most bitten !It’s good to report some good news for once !

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