Travel Agent Sends Holidaymaker to Wrong Country !

An interesting article appeared in The Times recently which shows that you should choose your travel agent very carefully. A woman booked her flights to Costa Rica with the travel agent Thomas Cook in Bristol but ended up in the wrong country as the agent had booked her to Puerto Rico instead !

Every airport in the world has a 3 letter code which is unique to that airport. The flight booking code for the airport in San José, Costa Rica, is SJO, only a letter away from that of the main airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico, SJU. Mistakes are easy to make but you would expect a travel agent to know their geography.

After all it’s their job. Unfortunately the big high street travel agents often use inexperienced staff, but there is no excuse for getting it wrong.

A world atlas is a very valuable thing to have, as sometimes we do get unusual requests, and I have used it several times to check my facts are correct. Travel agents can’t be expected to know everything about everywhere so we consult the atlas to check our facts or look on the internet to check the airport code.

Another important thing to remember is that when you receive your travel documents and tickets you should always check that they are correct. Look the airport code up on the internet yourself and double check everything is correct. Mistakes are more easily corrected before you travel than after you have taken off for the wrong destination !

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