Travel Insurance – Don’t Forget It !

When you go on holiday it is very important that you have good quality travel insurance, but new research from American Express has found that nearly a quarter of Brits intend to cut out travel insurance this year in order to save money.

The survey found that many people are looking at last-minute summer holiday deals to enable them to keep spending down as the recession takes hold in the country. However, it also discovered that nearly a quarter intend to do so without travel insurance.

Whilst going without travel insurance may save money in the short term, it could also end up costing you a lot of money as well. The main reasons for making a claim are health problems, holiday cancellations and loss of baggage, but other claims could include being flown home in an air-ambulance in the event of serious illness or accident or even having to be repatriated due to death. Cutting back on such an essential part of any holiday may end up being a much more expensive trip if anything unexpected happens whilst you are away.

Travel insurance does not have to cost a fortune either. Travel agents have in the past had bad press about the cost of their travel insurance. Whilst many years ago buying travel insurance from your travel agent may well have been more expensive than buying it separately this may no longer be the case.The travel insurance offered by Global Holidays is we think very good value for money. One week single trip cover for one person aged between 18 and 64 and travelling to Europe costs from only £10.21.

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