Twitter Tells The World What Your Are Doing!

I like to keep abreast of what is happening in the world and I also like to keep in touch with new technology and lately I have been trying to keep up with the new world of social media. I have got a Facebook page that I never use and I recently read that anybody who is anybody should really have a Twitter account!. So, I set up a Twitter account and tried to work out what it is supposed to do. As far as I can see it is a way of telling your Twitter followers what you are doing. If you have a Twitter account you can “follow” anyone else who also has a Twitter account.

Twitter has had a lot of publicity recently. A Twitter user was one of the first to break the news of the recent Hudson River plane crash. I did a bit of searching on Twitter and it is amazing how many people that I came across who had hundreds or in some case thousands of “followers”. I can’t understand though why they seem to have so many followers. Having a Twitter account allows you to send very brief 2 line messages either from a PC or a mobile phone. There is not much you can say in two lines but the system still seems to attract the followers.

So far on my Twitter account I have zero followers! Nobody, it seems wants to know what I am doing. I am probably, though, being a little harsh on myself because nobody knows that I have a Twitter account. If I had some followers I would probably be more inclined to tell the world what I was doing, although I don’t think it would be very interesting!

I have though some breaking news! I have signed up to follow three people so far – Barack Obama, Jonathan Ross and Stephen Fry. Stephen Fry has been sending messages very frequently. I followed his movements from Australia. I knew when he was in a taxi from the airport and I even knew when he was waiting in the Green Room at the BBC studios waiting to film the Jonathan Ross Show, on which he is a guest. Fry is an avid user of Twitter and apparently discussed Twitter with Ross on the show. I received a Twitter when Stephen Fry had finished the show but he was reluctant to say too much in view of the media interest.

So, here I am sitting at my PC waiting for my first Twitter follower. I will have a celebration when it happens but I am not holding my breath! One of the reasons I like to keep in touch with the likes of Twitter is from the business point of view as I am always looking for new marketing methods. I can actually see a good use for Twitter from a business point of view. It could make a very good way of keeping in touch with my customers. For example I could tell them when there is a special offer or some breaking travel news. Maybe I do have quite a lot to say after all.

If you want to be my first Twitter follower sign up here !






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