UFO’s Seen Over The Lake District

It seems that I may have to revise one of my recent blog posts about the possibility of alien life being found. In that post I said that I doubted alien life would ever visit planet Earth.

But now, according to the Northern Echo newspaper UFO experts are saying that aliens are landing in the Lake District to fill their spaceships with water. This is because there has been a big rise in UFO sightings across the Lake District and Cumbria. Strange shapes and lights have been reported around sensitive military sites and nearby Sellafield Nuclear Power Station.

One of the UFO experts in the area is reported to have said :

“Some theories suggest the large amount of water in the lakes is useful to craft which may need it for propulsion systems.

“Another theory is that they are monitoring our use of nuclear power.”

One man who saw two lights in the sky and then watched as they veered off to the north said that he kept watching this light which dipped to sea level then up again before heading off at speed.

If you have ever been to the Lake District, which incidentally is a beautiful place with spectacular scenery, you will know that the area is often used for practice flying by air force pilots and fighter jets are seen on a daily basis flying at low level between the hills and along the valleys.

Until I see a UFO myself I think I will stick to my original theory that we will never have a visit from aliens, because the distances are too great for other intelligent life to travel. Nothing would please me more than seeing a UFO though, providing that they were friendly of course. I would rather not have a scenario like the one in the entertaining film Independence Day.






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