Waitrose Keralan Spiced Chicken Soup

It’s a cold winter day and you are looking for something to warm you through. It’s lunch time and not really the time for spending time in the kitchen. Are you looking for inspiration on what you can eat and get the body heat going again ? The problem is you can’t be bothered cooking and you need something quick and easy. Well, I may just have the answer –  Soup ! …..It has been around a long time and some soup has had some bad publicity lately due to high salt content, but I think I have found the perfect soup. It’s Waitrose Keralan Spiced Chicken soup and Moroccan Chicken soup. I am a fan of most things spicy and these soups hit the spot perfectly. They have plenty of chicken in them and vegetables and they are really tasty. I can highly recommend them. I have to tell you that I am not an employee of Waitrose, I just wanted to tell you that I have just discovered these soups. I can’t remember how much I paid for them and they are probably a little more expensive than other brands but I regard it as good value as I have never seen these flavours before.

I checked out the salt content on the label and each carton has 0.63g of salt. I think the maximum daily intake of salt is 6.00g a day, so they don’t seem to have an excessive amount of salt. These figures count as “healthy” to me but I am no expert. What could be better than a healthy and very tasty soup – perfect for a winters day ! NOTE– If Waitrose want to send me some more of their soups to see if they measure up to the Keralan Spicy Chicken soup I could easily be persuaded to try them !

Waitrose Keralan Spiced Chicken Soup





6 responses to “Waitrose Keralan Spiced Chicken Soup”

  1. Alex avatar

    Hey David, I only came across the Keralan soup today and absolutely loved it! It really is extremly tasy and full of veg and meat.

  2. Alexis avatar

    In total agreement, i’ve never been a huge soup fan, until i discovered these soups, and they’re only £1.32 at the moment, i’m well stocked up, as they are also freezable

  3. admin avatar

    Alexis. Glad you like the Waitrose soups. They will warm you up in this weather !

  4. BrianBzed avatar

    that is definitely what I was searching for, You have saved me alot of time

  5. Megamind avatar

    Can I clone your article to my blog? Thank you…

    1. admin avatar

      Hi. Sure you can include it on your blog as long as there is a link to the original article.


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