Want Cheap Beer on Holiday ? – Where to Go !

We all love a cold beer whilst we are on holiday, but just how much does beer cost in our favourite holiday destination ?Well, after a bit of research I can tell you that the cheapest place to buy a beer is in India where it will cost you just 68 pence. In fact it’s not just beer that is cheap in India. A meal for two people including drinks will cost only £5 to £6. That’s what I call value for money !

So, if you are not going on a holiday to India but you are going on a long haul holiday how much will it cost you for a nice cold beer ?After India the next cheapest holiday destination for the cost of beer is Cuba where a cold bottle of beer will set you back only £1.07. If you are heading to South Africa to watch England in the World Cup then a bottle of beer will cost you only £1.16. The cost of beer then starts to rise a little  as a beer in Mexico will cost you £1.80.

A beer in Malaysia will cost you £2.24. The USA and Canada then follow as a beer will cost you £2.55 and £2.40 respectively.All these prices are far cheaper than it will cost you for a cold beer here in the UK. In most good bars you will pay at least £3 so if you are thinking of taking a holiday here in the UK and you like a few beers then it may be worth spending money on a cheap holiday abroad.

The most expensive place that I have been to for beer is Norway. On my recent holiday to Norway I paid a staggering £13 for a pint and a half of lager !Choosing your holiday destination is usually about deciding what you want most from your holiday but maybe you beer drinkers out there need to factor in the cost of that cold beer that most of us love so much !

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