Want to Talk about a Holiday ?

Global Holidays has added a unique feature to its website. We have added a “live chat” facility.

Booking a holiday should be more than booking online by  pressing a few buttons on your computer keyboard ! Most people would get a better holiday if they took advice from a travel agent and they would probably get that holiday cheaper as well !Trawling the internet is good for giving you ideas but with many travel websites not giving you a true indication of the real price of that holiday because they want their prices to appear cheaper than other agents the internet has turned into a bit of a “wild west” !

Here at Global Holidays we have always advertised the correct price of a holiday and our prices do not have any other hidden extras. We also have excellent technology and love the internet but we also like the old fashioned idea of good customer service. Are you sick and tired of not been able to speak to anyone on the telephone ? Have you booked a holiday but then can’t speak to anyone about a query that you might have ? Or are you wanting to know where your tickets are ? These are the type of calls many online travel agents don’t want.

Here, at Global Holidays you will always be able to speak to someone about your holiday. We love talking to our customers and we have just made it easier for you to contact us by adding an online live chat facility. If you want to make a holiday enquiry or have a query about your booking just click the online chat button in the bottom right of our website and you will be able to speak to someone. It is simple to use and you will get an instant response.When most travel agents don’t want to speak to you we are encouraging it ! So, give it a go….even if you just want to say “Hello” !

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