What every man wants for Christmas – My Top 10.

Ladies ! Are you stuck for what to buy your husband or partner for Christmas? Do you want to keep him happy or even win him back ! Here are a few ideas for you, from a mans point of view, that will keep him happy for ages and maybe even he will be so happy as to help with the housework as well !

So, here goes, here is my list in no particular order. Some are expensive but some are not.

1. A new flat screen TV. Men love watching a good film and of course sport on TV. So, what better to watch his favourite TV programmes on the latest wide screen TV. The good thing about this Christmas gift is that it is a double whammy, because as all women know, men love new technology and gadgets. Men will love unpacking the box and setting it up and they will spend ages deciding where the best place for the speakers is. After all that exitement it is then time to watch the TV. Action films especially look much better on a big television and if you turn the volume up it is like being at the cinema. Having this new “toy” will stop him going to the pub with his mates and he will become more romantic towards you as a result. The is the number one ideal gift.

2. Already have a big flat screen TV ? The answer is then to buy a Blue-Ray DVD player. These high definition DVD players are brilliant. The improvement in quality over traditional DVD players is incredible. Films come to life and the detail and clarity of the picture is infinate. Combine this DVD player with a cinema surround sound Hi-Fi speaker system and you will make his face light up with joy, and he will do the same everytime he sees his wonderful “little cinema system” sitting in the corner of the room.

3. A subscription to Sky Sports. As all women know, most men love watching sport on TV. We can get emotionally involved in any sport on TV regardless of whether it is our team and even if we have never seen the sport before. The reason for this is that all men secretly want to be sporting superstars, but because most men start drinking instead and also because they were discovering girls just at the age boys should be spending all the time training to be a sporting superstar, then most men failed to fulfil their dream. However, the “sportman” inside every man still lays dormant. So, if you can’t play sport the next best thing is to watch it on TV. Don’t forget as well, that it has been in mens genes since the stone age that we are competitive. Back then, we had to run for our lives from the dinasoars whilst we were out finding food. Since then we have always been good runners !

4. Golf Club Memebership.. Are you looking for some time to yourself ? Maybe you ladies want time to go shopping or take a visit to the beauty salon, but have always felt guilty that your husband is at home and you can’t justify spending the money. Well, what could be better than a golf club membership. Prices vary but on average I would say they cost about £600 a year plus possibly a joining fee. Bear in mind that playing a round of golf takes about 4 hours plus the time in the bar afterwards. This time in the bar is spent discussing every hole and where they went wrong, so it can be some time before they leave the bar ! You can allow, therefore, nearly a full day out for your husband or partner including the travelling time, which means that you will have plenty of time to wander around the shops.

5. Can’t afford the golf club membership ? How about a few golf lessons ? Most men spend more time telling their mates that next time they will play better and that they have discovered where they are going wrong. In practise though it is not possible to improve at golf without taking a few lessons. You can improve by playing more, but if a golf player can’t figure out where they are going wrong the only way you can improve is by having golf lessons. After only six lessons you can become a better player.

6. A case of wine I think this is a really good christmas present. Most men love a good beer but drinking wine makes them more intelligent. Well…it makes them look more intelligent !
6 reds and 6 whites is what is needed. If he doesn’t drink red wine then it is about time he did and its good for the heart meaning your beloved will live longer.

7. Another great gadget at number 7 on my list. Are you fed up with seeing all those old videos in a huge pile in your living room? Well, how about a VCR to PC machine ? This machine will convert all his old videos to DVD. It could be all your old wedding videos, holiday videos or even the kids Disney classics. It is a simple to use device which converts everything to digital format so that you can either store everything on a PC or burn them onto a blank DVD. This will keep your man busy for hours !

8. A Beer Machine This is every mans dream come true – beer for less than 50 pence a pint. Simply pour in the powder mix, add water and yeast and then wait for 7 to 10 days for it to ferment. This machine will even fit in your fridge and it will keep him and his mates happy for ages. Makes perfect beer for help in watching sport on TV !

9. T-shirts Men love t-shirts. It is because they are so versatile. In summer men love wearing t-shirts and in winter men love wearing t-shirts too. Some very tough men can wear t-shirts in winter without even a jacket but most men wear a t-shirt in winter underneath a thicker shirt. It is important that at least two buttons on the normal shirt are undone so that the t-shirt can be seen underneath. This, most men believe makes then look more rugged and manly !

10. A Nano-Copter. This is the worlds smallest and lightest radio-controlled helicopter. It can soar up to 10 metres and is great fun. Men love their toys and after gadgets something like this mini helicopter is brilliant and it will keep them amused for hours. It can be used inside or outside and it will amaze old men and boys alike. Any man would be proud to have this given to him at Christmas. This type of present makes us men wish that we had been fighter pilots in the RAF and makes us think that because we can fly a toy radio controlled helicopter then we must be able to fly a real one !

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