Where is the Best Honeymoon Destination ?

One of the most common questions we get asked here at Global Holidays is “Where is the best place for a honeymoon” ? Despite the recession newly married couples are determined to start married life off in style and go on an exotic honeymoon. Many say to us that that they want somewhere special, luxurious and different as they think that they may not get another opportunity to go on a luxury holiday for many years. It is not for me to say whether a newly married couple just starting off life together and maybe for the first time having all the expense that life throws at you, but there is no doubt that getting married is a great reason to have a luxury honeymoon holiday.

Things are a lot different now to when I got married (quite a few years ago !). All I could afford was a few days in Whitby, North Yorkshire. Not that there is anything wrong with Whitby but back then not many people had exotic luxury honeymoons. In some ways I have missed out on the fashion of spending loads of money on a luxury honeymoon but I have since been on many luxury holidays to make up for it !If I got married again I would definitely go on a luxury honeymoon holiday and I think it is a fantastic way to start married life. So, presuming you can afford it or have plenty of spare capacity on your credit card where are the best places to go on a honeymoon?It is not easy to answer the question, because it all depends on your budget, but in this article I will try and give you some ideas on where you get the best value for money when it comes to a luxury holiday destination.

Best honeymoon Destination for Relaxation

Our most popular honeymoon destination is The Maldives. For relaxation, luxury, diving and snorkeling, quality of the hotels and romantic atmosphere The Maldives takes some beating. Over the last few years many of the islands in The Maldives have been upgraded and whilst prices have increased the luxury holiday experience has also improved. Our most popular destination in The Maldives is Kuramathi.

The quality of Kuramathi is excellent and it has the added benefit of being an “All Inclusive” holiday island. As drinks on The Maldives can be expensive it is worthwhile considering an island where everything is included in the price.One week All Inclusive on Kuramathi in The Maldives costs from £1125 per person for departures in June.Also perfect for honeymooners is the island of Baros in The Maldives. A member of the small luxury hotels of the world, Baros is where style meets simplicity. One week on Baros in a Deluxe Villa on a room and breakfast basis costs from £1359 in June. Upgrading to a Water Villa on Baros is good value for money as one week in a Water Villa will cost from only£1689 per person.

Best Honeymoon Destination for Culture

If you are interested in culture then choosing the perfect honeymoon destination is difficult as there are so many interesting places to see. You might want to consider India or Italy but we recommend Morocco. Close enough to Europe but at the same time far enough away to feel like a different world Morocco has much to offer. From the buzzing city of Marrakesh, the ancient city of Fez or the stunning Atlas Mountains you will in Morocco something different to anywhere else in the world.

If you want to stay in Marrakesh then there are plenty of excellent hotels to choose. We would recommend, however, staying in a traditional Riad. These small hotels can be luxurious but they offer  a style of hotel that you won’t find anywhere else. For unrivalled luxury at a reasonable price you should consider Richard Bransons Kasbah Tamadot hotel in the Atlas Mountains. 4 nights including flights and transfers will cost from £859 per person. 4 nights at the Angsana Riad Lydines in Marrakesh will cost from £494 per person.

Best Honeymoon Destination for Safari & Wildlife 

Kenya is difficult to beat as a safari honeymoon destination. You can combine a safari with a beach holiday as well if you want. Kenya has no fewer than 40 national parks and game reserves supporting a wide range of unique habitats. From the great wilderness of Tsavo National Park to Amboseli National Park situated at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro to the vast plains of the Masai Mara; bird and beast roam free in their natural habitat. For years adventurers, travellers and photographers alike have been drawn to Kenya’s natural beauty to sample what to many is the ‘Real Africa’.In our opinion the most cost effective way of booking a safari holiday is to book 7 nights or more on a beach near Mombasa and then to tack on a short safari. For example, a 3 night safari will cost from £239 per person.

Best Honeymoon Destination for Adventure

Where do we start! The world is your oyster so they say, so choosing the best honeymoon destination for adventure is difficult and it depends on your budget. If money is not so much an issue we would have to say that Sydney and Australia is a great honeymoon destination. Explore the wonderful city of Sydney, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge and explore the Blue Mountains and the coast north of Sydney. Nearer to home you could try a cycling or walking holiday in France.If you fancy an adventure cruise how about cruising from Vancouver, Canada to Alaska?

Best Budget Honeymoon Destination

A honeymoon, of course, is all about what you want from a holiday. Some honeymooners want a romantic relaxing holiday destination but equally, others want adventure and sightseeing. If you are on a budget you can still have a great honeymoon. After all, its all about who you are with rather than the destination! Nevertheless, it is still important to go somewhere special and you don’t have to break the bank to do that.You don’t have to stay in a 5 star luxury hotel to enjoy your honeymoon.

There are plenty of very good 2 and 3 star hotel and apartments which are clean and in great locations. It’s no hardship missing out on all the facilities at a 5 star such as spa and sports facilities. Give me a great view anytime! As the saying goes, all the best things in life are free.The Greek Islands are a good low budget honeymoon destination. Choose one of the quieter Greek islands like Skiathos or Kefalonia for a romantic honeymoon destination where you get great beaches or romantic restaurants along the waterfront. If you like culture then Italy might be an option.

There are plenty of cheap flight to Pisa where you can take the 1 hour long train journey to Florence or you could hire a car and explore the magnificent scenery which is Tuscany.If you are short of cash to spend on a honeymoon why not go on a short break? The bets cities for romance are Paris, Rome and Amsterdam but you might want to consider easily accessible cities such as Stockholm, Berlin  and Dublin. If you want a short break on a beach the best places for flight prices are Malaga for the Costa del Sol or Palma for Majorca. With a vast choice of accommodation here you will find low prices.



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