Where is this? Tourist Attraction Quiz

How is your geography knowledge ? Are you familiar with tourist attractions around the world?

Here is a test for you. Get the answer right and get  mentioned on the Global Holidays travel blog and read by 20,000 readers every week.

Here are a  few hints for you about the picture below.

1. Construction took place between 2900 and 2600 BC.

2. Local tradition says that giants who lived on the island refused to be converted to Christianity by Saint Kieran and were turned into stone as a punishment.

Some More Clues –

3. The stones are on a Scottish island

4.  Stornaway is the capital of the island where you can find these fascinating collection of ancient stones

Where is this and what are the stones called? Answers in the comments please.





2 responses to “Where is this? Tourist Attraction Quiz”

  1. Kathleen avatar

    I think your picture is of the Callanish stones on the Isle of Lewis on the Hebrides.
    Keep these pics coming as your website is very interesting and it is a good test of our knowledge of geography to try to identify these places of interest. I am surprised that more readers could not identify these very famous stones.

    1. DavidB avatar

      Well done for getting the correct answer. This picture, as you say, is of the Callanish Stones in the Outer Hebrides and not far from Stornaway. There are several similar sets of stones in the area that have been there thousands of years. No one knows why they were built and they are fascinating to see.

      Thanks for taking the time to send your answer. As you say it is a shame that more readers couldn’t identify where the stones are but maybe the geography quiz was a little too difficult !

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