Where would you go if money was no object ?

The days are getting shorter and winter is just around the corner. My holiday to Fuerteventura feels like a distant memory, even though I only arrived home less than 2 weeks ago! Every day we get nice glossy brochures for us to look at and drool over. There are so many places I want to travel to that I find it difficult to pick my favourite. Travel is good for you. It’s amazing to see how other people live and to see different places on this wonderful diverse planet that we live on. As the saying goes we only live once and it would be fantastic to see as many places as possible before it’s too late!

I started to think where I would really want to travel to, especially if money was no object. I could easily list many destinations but if you could only list 3 places where would these places be. We are all different and we all have different tastes but I thought I would list my dream holiday destination choices here. So here goes –

1. Hong Kong and China followed by a luxury hotel on a beach in the Far East. I think that I would stay at the five star Peninsula Hotel. This is probably one of the best hotels in the world. The hotel has its own fleet of Rolls Royce cars and a heli-pad as well as elegant rooms and impeccable service. Then I would want to visit the cities of Beijing and Shanghai as well as the Great Wall of course. Then after that I would need a rest on a beach, somewhere like The Maldives would be ideal and I would stay at Coco Palm.

2. My second choice of holiday would be to Australia. I would start off in Sydney and I would stay at the Shangi-La hotel in a horizon club suite. These rooms have a Sydney Harbour Bridge view and are magnificent! After Sydney I would travel to the Eaglereach Wilderness Resort. Just two hours drive north of Sydney this is the most unique place you can imagine. After that I would spend a couple of nights in Hunter Valley, which is the area famous for its wines and then I would spend two nights in the Blue Mountains. Then it would be back to Sydney and a flight to Cairns to see The Great Barrier Reef.

3. My third choice would be a cruise up the side of Norway to see the Fjords and the Northern Lights. I went to Norway a few years ago and it is such a fantastic place. The scenery is just incredible and Bergen and Oslo are great cities to visit.

Where would your dream destination be ? Leave a comment and let us know !





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  1. I love holidays avatar
    I love holidays

    If you want the ultimate in luxury then Barbados takes some beating. I would go to Sandy Lane or Cobblers Cove on Barbados. Both these hotels are luxurious and the service and food is amazing.Cobblers Cove is supposed to have one of the best hotel suites in the Caribbean !

  2. Julia avatar

    My dream is to go to Mauritius and stay in the best room at Le Touessrok. The hotel is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World and the hotel is on a beautiful stretch of white sand coastline. Pure luxury at its best !

  3. Suzie avatar

    I would go to Thailand and stay at The Banyon Tree in Phuket. I saw in a magazine that the Banyan Tree has been repeatedly voted one of the best hotels in the world. It looks amazing and I love Thailand as well. The people are so friendly and the food and culture are fantastic.

  4. bettina avatar

    My choice would be Australia.

  5. admin avatar

    Julia. Thanks for your suggestion. A few years ago I went to Mauritius and agree with you that it is a wonderful holiday destination with fantastic hotels and great food. One day I hope to go back and if I could afford it I agree with your suggestion and I would stay at Le Touessrok.

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