Who Wants To Live Forever ?

News that Simon Cowell wants his body frozen when he dies so that he can come back to host future versions of the X-Factor has re-opened the debate about Cryonics. Cryonics is when a body is frozen and then brought back to life in the future when technology has advanced to the extent that this will be possible.

Technology and science is advancing at such a rate that things we think of now as science fiction may well be reality in a few hundred years time, but whether the technology will exist to bring a frozen body back to life and then make that person fit and healthy again really is at the far realms of science fiction !

At the moment, the only way you could have your body frozen is in the United States, however there is a voluntary body of scientists in the UK who have set up Cryonics UK and they are there to offer advice and details of the latest procedures that are available. It seems more and more people are considering being frozen when they die rather than the traditional burial or cremation. It is even possible to set up a fund where you can pay £10 a month towards the costs of being frozen !

Of course, this raises the question of whether you would want to be unfrozen in 200 years time and what it would be like to be alive again after being “dead” for so long ! All your family and friends wouldn’t be around and you might be looked upon as a bit of a freak. Maybe it may not be a bad idea if they could also reverse the ageing process to make you look good again.

Personally, I can see the attraction in Cryonics. I would love to know what the world will be like in the future. Imagine being told that you had an incurable disease but that is was likely a cure would be found in 50 years time. Imagine being told that you had the option of being frozen for 50 years and brought back to live when the cure was available. What would you choose to do in that situation ?

This whole Cryonics thing is fascinating and it, of course, raises many serious ethical issues. Would I do it ? Do you know, I think I would. Why ? Because you have nothing to lose. If it doesn’t work you are dead anyway !





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