Why Can’t We Watch Football on Holiday?

The 2010 Football World Cup kicks off on 11 June and I will probably be watching as many games as possible starting with the first game between the host nation, South Africa, and Mexico.

England’s campaign starts the following day and their first match is what could be a tricky match against the USA.The travel industry is always in two camps when it comes to whether we want England to do well.  We really want England to win but at the same time a bit of us wants them to lose so that our telephones start ringing with customers wanting to go on holiday. What I can never understand, though, is why people don’t like to be out of the country when the World Cup is being played. If I had a choice of watching a game in my living room or in a bar somewhere abroad I would choose the latter.

What could be better than watching football in a bar in Spain or somewhere similar?  The weather will be warm. You can have a cold beer and the atmosphere will be better.A couple of years ago I was in Dublin when England played a European Championship game. I watched the game in a bar and the atmosphere was brilliant. The only thing was that 95% of people in the bar wanted England to lose!I have often wondered what the reasons are as to why people prefer to stay at home during a World Cup. Without conducting proper research I will probably never know the real reason is. Is it because:

  1. Men prefer to watch football at home on their own?
  2. Men prefer to watch football at home with their mates?
  3. Men prefer to watch football in the comfort of their own living room?
  4. Men are afraid that there won’t be a bar abroad showing the games?
  5. People are afraid that there may not be any other England supporters watching with them?
  6. Wives or girlfriends won’t let their partners watch football whilst on holiday?

I want to know what you ladies think! Would you let your partners watch the World Cup in a bar somewhere whilst you are on holiday? Please leave a comment





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