Windows 8 update problem on HP laptop

My daughter bought a new Windows 8 HP laptop last weekend from Currys and I was looking forward to seeing the new operating system in action. The desktop looks totally different to any other Windows software and it will take a lot of getting used to and involve a lot of learning on how to find things that we have all taken for granted for so long. Things like looking at your Device Manager and My Computer will take some finding !

However, a few days after buying the new Windows 8 laptop there is a problem. The HP laptop wants to update the operating system which begs the question why was the laptop sold with an old version of Windows 8. It shouldn’t need to update so soon after being bought. But there is an even bigger problem in that the software won’t update correctly as it gets stuck at 13% updated and then goes no further. The laptop eventually re-boots with an error message and the process starts all over again.

To make matters worse, Curry’s, where the laptop was bought,have the wrong help line telephone number on their purchase documents. When I called them I was directed to another number – bad customer service Currys !!

I eventually got through to someone at KnowHow and he knew all about the problem. He said we needed to update the anti-virus software and if that didn’t work we needed to update the audio and video drivers !

The problem is that its impossible to get to the desk top now as the software constantly wants to update. It looks like Windows 8 still has teething problems so beware.





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  1. Steve avatar

    Hello David. I have exactly the same problem with an HP Pavilion g6 bought at Curry’s. Am attempting to fix it right now, Have resorted to doing a system refresh to make the machine bootable. Antivirus and audio/video driver problem is mentioned on Microsoft suppoert at

    1. admin avatar

      Thanks for that Steve. That’s very useful. Good luck fixing the problem. My daughter still has her problem which we are trying to fix.

  2. Dan avatar

    Hi, just a quick note to clarify something – the desktop view is exactly the same on Windows 8 as it is on Windows 7 – i assume you were indeed referring to the start screen ??

    As for device manager etc – if you just type out “device manager” while on that start screen, you will find 3 results in settings, this is the easiest way to find those common tasks that seem impossible, just type it out in start and windows will find it

    For Windows 8 being so new, there will be updates coming from software and hardware vendors on a near daily basis, so it is quite reasonable to expect updates to the software as it was probably preloaded before shipping, upto 2-4 weeks before your daughter purchased it.

    thankfully i have a Sony and am not suffering from the update issue so maybe its more HP related than Windows 8

    1. admin avatar

      Hi Geordiedaz. Thanks for your comments about Windows 8. I discovered those shortcuts you mention and I suppose that is a clever way of finding those things. Just feels a bit strange but I suppose we will get used to it. I’m thinking that I shouldn’t have bought an HP. I won’t be buying another !

  3. admin avatar

    Update on the software update problem for the HP laptop running Windows 8. The audio drivers were un-installed which allowed the update to take place. Once re-started new audio drivers were installed and everything seems ok now!

    1. Tim avatar

      I’ve got exactly the same problem with the HP g6 and I’ve tried uninstalling audio drivers but problem persists, what I want to know is why do they continue selling this model with this problem, I guess it’s so they can charge people to fix it. Mine’s being returned tomorrow with a few choice words.

      1. admin avatar

        Thanks for your comment Tim. Hope you get it sorted. I should have known better than to buy a new Windows 8 laptop before being sure all the teething problems had been sorted out.

  4. Carlos Balart avatar
    Carlos Balart

    Hi, I want to buy this notebook :

    In the reviews there is many people who have your same problem, but I still wanting that notebook.
    Your problems were 100% out after unistall and re-intall audio-drivers ? Your daughter is happy like a costumer now ? I don’t wanna be cheated, but this notebook is a good offer.
    Would not be the first time that I get an Hp notebook, but always worked perfect…
    Please tell me something.. 🙂

    (If i write too bad english, is cause i’m from Chile, and I’m not exactly an expert on it)

    1. DavidB avatar

      Hi Carlos. My daughter is happy with her HP laptop now, but she had to uninstall the audio drivers so it could update the software. I wouldn’t buy an HP again because of that but once it’s fixed everything is ok !

  5. Dawn Finneran avatar
    Dawn Finneran

    I bought my daughter the same laptop 4 weeks ago from Currys and took it back within the 3 weeks and got a replacement. BOTH kept stopping at 13% with the same problems mentioned above, and I am taking the second back tomorrow to swap it for another make and not Windows 8.

    While I changed the first one in Bluewater there was a customer in front doing the same AND two other HP laptops on the desk just been brought back that day.

    THEIR is a FAULT with them and they should not be opn the shelf!!

    1. admin avatar

      Hi Dawn. Yes, its bad customer service to even be selling these laptops. They must know there is a problem but they are still selling them !

  6. Andy avatar

    Had exactly the same issue, the Knowhow helpdesk said it was a Microsoft issue & that they couldn’t help. I’ve now returned laptop to store for the fifth time ( this is the second HP laptop). They tried to tell me it was dropping offline during update as that’s what the error log said but that was just the laptop rebooting after 20 minutes when the update timed out. I have now exchanged it for a Samsung NP350V5C, lets hope this is better. If not I will be having a full refund this time.

    1. admin avatar

      Wish I had bought a Samsung. That’s what I wanted but ended up with an HP. Hope your Samsung Windows 8 laptop is ok.

      1. Andy avatar

        I’ll let you know, watch this space!

  7. neil avatar

    I recently bought my granddaughter an HP laptop from PC World and it appears to have similar problems to those described above. We had similar problems a couple of months ago with a Sony Vaio and returned it for a refund.

    It is quite unreasonable for PC manufacturers and Microsoft to ship machines that are not fit for purpose. No consumer wants to spend their life dealing with uploads, new drivers or whatever the problem is. Users simply want machines that work without problems and complex remedies. If this is a Windows 8 issue why have Microsoft launched the software without fully testing it? This has happened repeatedly with every version of Windows. When is the system going to be put right? I have not heard of similar problems with Apple’s operating system.

    On a global scale, the time, effort and money that must be wasted because of problems like this must be enormous. It is a pity that some sort of global class action against Microsoft cannot be mounted.

    It is likely the HP laptop will also be returned for a refund. If more people do this then perhaps manufacturers will learn that they cannot sell machines that are unfit for purpose. If the problem lies with the operating system, then manufacturers may be able to force Microsoft to get their software right.

    1. admin avatar

      Thanks for commenting Neil. I agree with everything you say. It’s very very annoying. On a positive note, my daughter, after following the instructions to uninstall drivers, is now pleased with her HP Windows 8 laptop. If it was me I would have taken it back, but I think I will stick with my Windows XP desktop for a while yet !

      1. neil avatar

        Thanks David for your reply and apologies for my duplicated post. On first attempt the system said my post was duplicated so I tried using reply and found the post already there.

        I think we may try to find a Windows 7 laptop but this is increasingly difficult.

        1. admin avatar

          On a recent visit to PC World I couldn’t see any Windows 7 laptops or desktops. I’ll stick with what works for now ! All the best. David

  8. Jared Walters avatar
    Jared Walters

    Hi All

    I am having a very similar problem
    I have had the laptop for 3 months and everything seemed to be working fine.
    An update came down last week and completely currupted the machine to the point I had to reformat it.
    Reformat solved the problem for about three days when though the update went through all apps and files have been deleted.
    Trying to go through a restore point recovery now but the procedure seems to be crashing
    Will not be buying from HP or Currys ever again after this. If anyone has any suggestions I would be very greatful
    Thanks in advance

    1. admin avatar

      Hi Jared

      Take your HP laptop back to Curry’s and get them to replace it! The problem seems to be with the audio drivers. If you uninstall them and then install again it seems to solve the problem.

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