Woman Finds £800M In Her Bank Account.

We all dream of winning the lottery and finding ourselves with millions of pounds in our current bank account. What would it be like to find yourself with no money worries apart from the problem of how to spend it all. Well imagine what a Swedish woman must have been thinking after she checked her bank account online and found that she was richer by £800 million !

The woman was expecting a refund from a previous credit card purchase but not of that amount ! A spokesman for her bank the Nordea said “We regret the incident. It happened due to a technical failure at a company where the customer paid with her bank card.” 

The incident left me wondering whether bank technical glitches like this are one of the reasons why the world economy is in such a mess. If the banks can make such a mess of such simple things as this how can they be expected to be trusted with more complex issues ! 

I’m not sure how I would react if I saw a large sum of money in my account like that. I’m not used to it. I would be tempted to go on a spending spree. My first purchase would be a Sunseeker power boat. One of those big ones that you see sometimes in glossy magazines. They appear to come with at least two attractive women with bikini’s as an added bonus !





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