World Cup in Qatar !

There must have been deals done by the FIFA executive committee which gave the votes to Qatar for the 2022 World Cup finals. Never can there have been more of an unsuitable place to play football than in this scorching desert country that has never played in a world cup.

Playing football in June and July in Qatar will not be a pleasant experience. Average temperatures in summer reach over 40C but the temperature at midday is over 50C. Most people in Qatar leave the country in summer because it is too hot and dust and sand storms are also a common occurrence.

What is the logic of ignoring those countries that have done so much for football and choosing a country that is too hot and difficult to get to.

Part of the Qatar bid is that they will build the stadiums they need and then dismantle them after the World Cup and build them again in places that need them. So much for a lasting legacy for football in the Middle East.





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