Would you fly on Friday 13th ?

Today is Friday 13th and many people think that it is an unlucky day. Several flight booking companies say that they get a significant drop in bookings for this date.

What do you think ? Will you fly on Friday 13th or do you think it is ridiculous supersticion that one day could be more unlucky than another?

There is no evidence at all that there have been more air crashes on Friday 13th than any other day. Air Florida did have a fatal crash once on this date but that is the only air crash that we are aware of.

The ill-fated US space mission Apollo 13 was launched at 13:13 and the explosion that crippled its engines occurred on April 13, so maybe the number 13 is more unlucky than others or it could just be coincidence of course. There are stories of some house buyers refusing to buy a house with the number 13.

Why is it that Friday is linked to the number 13 as the unlucky day ? Many people don’t like Friday’s because it is the last day of the working week. The Romans used to execute their prisoners on a Friday. Jesus was crucified on a Friday, so maybe throughout history many people have had bad days on Fridays !

As far as flying on Friday 13th is concerned all the evidence points to the fact that it is as safe as any other day. You could say the same about driving. Maybe we shouldn’t leave our houses on Friday 13th but then again the roof could collapse!

And finally, there are 3 Friday 13th’s in 2012. They occur in January, April and July !





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