You Can’t Beat A Good Travel Agent !

travel agent gives advice to a customerThere are many advantages to booking a holiday or flights via a good independent travel agent. For a start, you will get honest impartial advice about the best holiday for your needs and you will get a good competitive price. You will also get a better choice of holidays or flight options than you would if you booked direct with an airline or tour operator.

Apart from choice though a good travel agent will make sure that your holiday runs smoothly. As an example, take this story that appeared in the Daily Telegraph about the family who went to India without Indian Visas.

The woman had booked flights direct with the airline and they had not informed her that she needed an Indian Visa. She was allowed to board the plane and arrived at Delhi airport but was then turned back and had to catch the next plane home because she did not have an Indian Visa.

We sell a lot of  holidays to Goa in India every year and before we make a booking for a customer we always inform them about the Indian Visa requirements. We also follow it up in writing. As a result, we have never had a customer arrive in India without a Visa. This is one of the many benefits of booking a holiday or flight with a travel agent.

We believe that the Internet has now become too big. There are too many places to look and it can take you days to find what you are looking for. You can’t beat having proper advice, help and someone friendly to talk to on the telephone and that is why we believe that good travel agents will always do well.The issue of which countries need a visa before you can enter is a complicated one. For example, British passport holders need a visa to enter Cuba and Cuban passport holders are not allowed to travel on a holiday charter flight from the UK.

You also need a visa to enter Egypt and Kenya but these are normally issued to you when you arrive in the country.

The USA has a visa waiver scheme for British passport holders but this has recently changed. You now need to complete the visa waiver form online before you travel. Click this link to go to the US Visa Waiver Online Form. We have heard that there are some unscrupulous websites on the Internet who advertise a charge for the US Visa waiver service.

These websites are just a con as the real website we have mentioned above is free of charge.

India, China and Russia are the main countries which tourists or business people visit when you will need a visa. India alone issued 500,000 visas last year. Also, you will need a visa to visit Australia and another thing is that the USA, Canada, Australia and Singapore take a dim view of spent convictions so you need to take advice from the relevant embassy if you have any.

Finally, it is always a good idea to make sure that your passport has at least six months left on it at the time of your trip. Whilst travelling to most EU countries is not a problem most other countries need you to have at least six months unexpired on your passport.

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