Todays Question – Will I get a refund from Africa Safari Club?

Every day we are asked questions by our customers so we thought that we would put a sample of these on our blog so that anyone who wants an answer to the same question can have the benefit of our reply.

The last question we posted was about the best way to travel from New York to Washington and today’s question is about the failure of the tour operator Africa Safari Club.

Question – I had booked a Nile cruise with Africa Safari club. Will I get a refund and can I book another Nile cruise with you?


I gather that you booked direct with Africa Safari Club and that you have paid just a deposit so far. The first thing you need to know is that this tour operator had an ATOL bond with the CAA and therefore the deposit you paid will be refunded. If you had booked with a travel agent they would have made the CAA claim for you but in this case you will need to complete the ATOL claim form that you can download from the CAA website.

If you want to book another Nile cruise we can arrange that for you by calling Global Holidays on 0845 299 4450. They will carry out a search for you to try and find the best option and price for you.






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